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For this season Braccialini is staging an urban revolution where, from creation to creation, an original ecosystem takes shape. #URBANOASIS is a reserve where urban style blends with lush vegetation inhabited by exotic animals, in a blend of colours, influences and tropical atmospheres. This creative bubble provides a space for regenerating in the heart of the city, giving life to creations that are fully recognisable even amidst the metropolitan chaos.

Sumptuous work and “naturalistic” subjects, on the other hand, feature in the well-known Themes, characterised in this Collection by the cutting-edge construction technique that gives life to the creative idea. In Braccialini’s exotic garden, let yourself be won over by the emerald look of the Leopard, which reveals the brand’s dedication to research in the exquisite rendering of the coat. There’s a touch of romance in the eternal spring of the basket of blooming flowers: handmade, dipped in colour and embellished with brass details like the bee.

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The eclectic mood of Urban Oasis reaches its maximum synthesis and expression in the Iris bag, which livens up the classic style of the bon ton lines with two-tone patterns featuring pop echoes and wild subjects like tigers and colourful birds of prey. The unexpected detail that embellishes the bag? The symbol of the Italian Republic surrounded by laurel, in brass and enamelled metal, paying homage to the artisan excellence and timeless charm of Italian style.

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The two souls of the Collection – one more inspired by street style, which expresses urban influences, and one linked to a nature with indomitable charm – come alive in the iconic shaped bags, a symbol of Braccialini’s creativity and uniqueness. A cheerfully vintage Walkman delights with unique details like the handle in the shape of headphones and a spray can, to comment on your everyday life with biting irony.

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